Credit: Riot Games

by A Clogged Toilet, Kurido, and Reedie

In Weeks 4–6, three teams left Rampage Premade and, as a result, extremely tight playoff races developed in each division. Joining me today for this week’s power rankings are two fellow participants in Premade Rampage: Mr. Kurido from newly rebranded Omega Gaming Oblivion and Mr. Reedie from Screaming Sun Gaming.

Division 1 (Kurido)

1. Screaming Sun Gaming (6–0)

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the kings of the group, SSG. This team has been smashing every bit of competition in their way towards playoffs. The only potentially dangerous matchup left in their path is…

Credit: Riot Games

by Kurido and Clogged Toilet

We wanted to take some time after the break week to go over how we believe some of the top teams in each group are doing. Keep in mind that none of these are definite ideas of how each group will play out. We hope to continue these articles into the near future so that we can track the progression of these teams as time goes on and so we can watch the teams evolve with the league.

Without delay, let’s look at Division 1, and see what Rampage Premade has in store for us…

Credit: Riot Games

by Kurido

In the cold of winter, the flames of battle come to warm all of our souls. The kings of last season, Don’t Go Top, are nowhere to be seen. However, a group of 40, yes, 40 teams look to battle it out again to take the abandoned throne.

New faces and old rivals seek to battle it out over twelve weeks. Today I want to go over how each of the divisions are doing, as well as mention notable teams and matchups for the third week of Rampage!

Division 1: As Day Breaks

Featured Match — Screaming Sun Gaming vs. Mythos Purple


Image credit: Riot Games

by Dillon “MeLlamoBigD”

If you’d like to get to know some of the players and teams participating in the Risen’s Champions League this month, look no further! Dillon is highlighting what the top ten teams are (in his eyes), as well as the players to watch on each team so that you can follow along during the season!

1. Sola Fide (sF)

Apollo (Player to watch)
Zeyzal (Player to watch)

It goes without saying that sF is easily the front runner in this split of Proving Grounds. With a roster full of star-studded LCS and Academy players, anything below a…

Image: Riot Games

If you’re new to the League of Legends amateur scene, you might be wondering what this whole high elo competitive scene is and how it works.

Back in November, Riot Games posted an update about the 2021 Amateur Ecosystem. They discussed how they were creating a new amateur tournament system that would differ with what they’d tried in previous years.

Before we go over this new amateur system, let’s take a look at the most previous system Riot used — the Scouting Grounds Circuit.

What is the Scouting Grounds Circuit?

Risen Esports participated in the most recent Scouting Grounds Circuit that took place last summer. Teams…

Risen Esports Leagues

The Risen Champions League is a Tier 2 tournament partner for the LCS Proving Grounds. Follow our content for player interviews, team rankings, and more.

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