Risen Champions League — Teams and Players to Watch

Image credit: Riot Games

1. Sola Fide (sF)

Tuesday gets the game winning play for NAT in the Challengers Uprising New Year’s Showdown

2. ANEW Esports (ANEW)

3. ANEW Blaze (ANWB)

4. Barrage (BRG)

5. Cloud9 Amateur (C9AM)

Will it be an eXyu gap in the jungle during the Risen Champions League?

6. 100 Thieves Next (100X)

7. Evil Geniuses Prodigies (EGP)

A massive Kennen ult from Srtty against Illinois State University

8. Sign Us Please (SUP)

9. Revival (REV)

10. Mirage (MIR)

The Risen Champions League is a Tier 2 tournament partner for the LCS Proving Grounds. Follow our content for player interviews, team rankings, and more.

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