Week 4 Rampage Premade Power Rankings

by Kurido and Clogged Toilet

We wanted to take some time after the break week to go over how we believe some of the top teams in each group are doing. Keep in mind that none of these are definite ideas of how each group will play out. We hope to continue these articles into the near future so that we can track the progression of these teams as time goes on and so we can watch the teams evolve with the league.

Without delay, let’s look at Division 1, and see what Rampage Premade has in store for us this week.

Division 1

1. Screaming Sun Gaming (3–0)

First seeds in the group, it’s no surprise this group of Risen veterans has dominated their group so thoroughly. Dallas, their ADC, put on one hell of a show this past weekend in the feature match between second seed Mythos Purple. Their play on Kai’sa was enough to secure a win in what looked like a match starting to fumble out of control. As the sun sets on their support player on the team, and a new sun rises in who will take up their mantle, one thing is certain: the sun will continue shining on this team.

Player to watch: Dallas

As said before, Dallas has been the cornerstone to SSG, bringing stability and confidence to a wild team. With a rock in the bottom lane and a strong mental presence, it’ll be interesting to see their performance with the team as the weeks continue. Constant and consistent performances can only make this team stronger, and each team ends up looking like another sacrifice as they roll through their group.

2. Mythos Purple (2–1)

While Mythos Purple took a hard loss this weekend to SSG, they bared their fangs in the face of a strong enemy and didn’t go down without a fight. Their strengths showed through in all three games.

A good rival to SSG, a strong team, and one to respect, the fact that they didn’t just nick the gods of their group, but made them bleed, is a testament to their strength as a team. As time passes and each team sharpens their blades, this team will become the feared second seed team that nobody wants to see in their best of 16 group. And if SSG and MP meet up again? There will be an absolute bloodbath.

Player to watch: Best Plunger

While this player wasn’t the staple of consistency, their strengths really shone through in their match versus SSG. Getting a pentakill in Risen is a rarity. Getting one on-stage is a whole different challenge, especially when nerves are high. We can see Best Plunger taking their confidence from this match forward to be able to lead their team to victory for the remainder of the split.

3. Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies (3–0)

FBRD have been the most shocking surprise to arrive from the playins stage. These dragon-breathed birds are currently undefeated after fighting in the battle to the death against Eat Our Damage last weekend. The only thing keeping them below Mythos Purple is that they’ve yet to square off against SSG.

With that said, FBRD are showing that last split was a myth and they’re here to put this split to rest with a dominant performance through two matches. One week ago you could have argued that this team was a fluke, with one FF and one win against an arguably average team, but they went toe to toe with one of the top teams and got a win. It’ll be interesting to see if they can keep this early start going, or if this rush will crash and burn through the later rounds.

Player to watch: Wafflezzz

Their match against EOD was a statement that this is a new breed of fire breathing birds. Their captain led that charge, absolutely dominating the games that they got ahead in. While they may have had a stumble in Game 2, Wafflezzz proved on multiple champions that they’re the new super top laner to be afraid of in Division 1.

The ability to captain your team and lead them to victory in such a commanding fashion is one of the strengths of FBRD. When they face the top of the group in the coming weeks, we’ll see if they can keep that fire going.

4. Eat Our Damage (2–1)

The less crustaceous of the EOD teams, they’ve come out swinging in Division 1. While they may have stumbled in Week 3, they showed that in the games that they’re winning, they’re dominant. It was plain to see why they were undefeated until they faced the wrath of the rubber ducks.

As the weeks come, it’ll only be more interesting to see where EOD end up once they start clashing horns with the other top teams. Will they be able to be steadfast or is this just early luck from beating weaker teams?

Player to watch: Trigs

Trigs had an incredible performance this weekend and showed that they’re the consistency in the bottom lane that this team relies on. A strong ADC is what can dictate a game in Rampage and Trigs seems like one of the ones to do it. With their companionship with their support, EOD have a good core that should help them the remainder of the season.

5. Eastern Dragon Gaming (2–1)

EDG’s only loss so far has been a 2–0 loss to EOD. The dragons so far have looked strong in their matches in weeks one and three, claiming swift victories against their opponents. So far, EDG look like a team that can tussle with the best, but may struggle slightly on their climb to the top of the mountain. That doesn’t mean that they’re destined to never ascend above the clouds. Far from it, actually. These glimpses of greatness show a team that’s powerful and as the split goes on, that greatness could transform to be the upsetters to smack down their foes at the top of the bracket.

Player to watch: KingTiltlord

Coming from the mid lane is a constant that this team has relied heavily on in their victorious games. Being a large source of damage and putting all the gold that’s been acquired to good use, KingTiltlord has shown their ability to do a rarity this season and dominate from the mid lane.

If EDG lean into this strength a little more, they could use the carry potential to spread it all across the map and fly high above the clouds just like the dragons of old.

Division Two

  1. The Collective Destiny (3–0)

Firmly on top of the division is The Collective Destiny. One of the top seeded teams of the entire tournament, TCD look like they haven’t even broken a sweat going into the first bye week, absolutely demolishing teams with an average gold differential of 15k at nexus explosion.

This group of Risen veterans like to draft big beef balls in at least two positions and enable their two carries to deal massive damage. After Week 2, TCD lost their ADC, monz81, but looked like they didn’t miss a beat as they took it to their Week 3 opponent, LX in a 2–0 shellacking. This team is definitely one to look out for and is a threat to win the entire tournament.

Player to watch: Dogster

Instrumental to TCD success is support, Dogster. Be ready for roaming, initiating tanks such as Galio and Rell. The man likes to upgrade his boots early and traverse the map to lay down deep vision, invade the other jungle, and overall, make the enemy team have a bad day.

2. Dirty Diet Boys (3–0)

Check out their Youtube channel for highlights of the team’s journey so far. In last season’s Rampage, this Dirty Diet team had an unfortunate end due to scheduling conflicts but are back and ready to show everyone what might have been. DDB have demonstrated they can play and win with a variety of styles, from front to back 5v5 team-fighting to split-pushing. Their series in Week 8 and Week 9 are definite must-watch games and will be vital to playoff seeding.

Player to Watch: bubagumps

One of the main reasons for DDB’s flexibility is because of their top laner, bubagumps. The man turned from one of the most feared mid laners last season into a fearsome top laner. He can play massive tanks in Sion and Cho, team fighting carries like Sylas, or split-push with Camille. And from his match history, the champion ocean is just getting larger.

3. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (3–0)

Coming in at number 3, LEG have taken 2–1 wins over middle of the pack teams in ST5 and 2TE. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen play to display their skill in the laning phase and then snowball their individual leads into a quick, bloody game. In their two wins in Week 3, LEG averaged 38 kills in 23 minutes so this team definitely knows how to push the tempo when given the slightest advantage. The upcoming Week 4 matchup with TCD will be their first major test as to how LEG stack up against the top seeds.

Player to Watch: Dan

The LEG mid laner has one of the most snowball pools in the whole league, with champions like Ekko, Zed, and Fizz topping the list. If enemy teams don’t have a plan for Dan before the series, he has the ability to take over a game.

4. Space Team 5 (2–1)

ST5 lost a close series to LEG in Week 1, proving they can compete with anyone in the division and then followed up with an emphatic 2–0 of BBB in Week 3. They have competition hot on their heels for that fourth seed, so ST5 will need to continue their strong play. This group of five have some funky picks up their sleeves and anyone with ST5 on their calendar will need to have a good draft plan before the series starts. The Week 8 matchup against 2TE could be the decider for the fourth seed in Division 2.

Player to Watch: ClimateWarning

No matter what kind of comp the team runs, the ST5 ADC is drafted the insurance plan. Give the man Vayne and he delivers some very scary damage and KDA numbers. If games ever get to late game, ClimateWarning is the player to be wary of.

5. 2Turrets Esports (1–2)

2TE seems to be experimenting, with their mid laner and jungle role swapping in between Week 2 and Week 3. Hopefully, they have figured everything out coming out of the bye and are ready to fight for a playoff spot. Thus far, they have managed one game win in two series against two of the top seeds and will need to fight hard in order to make it to the postseason.

Player to Watch: Menelaus777

Whether this player is going mid or jungle, he is definitely the focal point of 2TE. The team does exponentially better when Menelaus777 is given gold, no matter which position he plays. He’s also already looking like a very capable Viego player so whenever the champion is enabled, the rest of the league will need to watch out.

Division Three

  1. Wichita Oblivion (3–0)

Wichita Oblivion have absolutely trounced almost all their games with one slight hiccup and take the top spot. Week 3 featured a clash of undefeated teams and WO came out with a clean 2–0 over RRE.

The current meta fits perfectly for how this group of Risen veterans like to maneuver the rift with jungler Eqqrolls making plays all over the map with aggressive picks like Udyr and Lillia. Backing him with scaling, roaming champions such as TF and Malzahar is mid laner and captain of the team, Kurido.

Player to watch: lkazuchi

The former ADC main has transformed himself into a super top. Consistently putting out highest damage on the team, the WO top laner likes to play the coin-flip matchups and the toss always goes the direction the man wants. If you’re yet to play WO, be ready to face a very scary Camille or Riven.

2. 4D Chess (3–0)

Another undefeated team right behind RRE is 4D Chess. This team drafts to kill the enemy team in their side lanes with their mid laner ready to join the brawl at any point. They excel in establishing control for an early objective and winning the skirmish or team fights with their superior vision and setup. OBJ might have the toughest schedule to end the season and time will tell if they can keep their undefeated streak going. Another question to be asked is, “Will the Anivia ever be let through?”

Player to watch: Juggernacht

Seven games, six different champions played, six wins. This man takes his champion ocean to the top lane and camps in a side lane until he becomes a problem the enemy team cannot deal with.

3. Rome Revolution Esports (2–1)

RRE had an absolute blistering start to the season, with average game times hovering around 25 minutes and kill counts tripling or quadrupling the enemy team’s over the first two weeks. Then, after their 0–2 loss against WO in Week 3, some internal issues have risen with starting ADC Truz being dropped from the team. Will the team rebound or is this the beginning of a collapse?

Player to watch: their new adc

When Truz was their bot lane carry, RRE liked to draft wrecking balls of death that liked to fight front to back. If the team continues to draft similarly, all eyes will be on the replacement ADC.

4. Lighthouse Snowbirds (1–2)

Coming from the playins, the Snowbirds are definitely taking advantage of their time by taking every one of their series so far to three games. They have an extremely high octane play style and have shown they can compete with the top by taking games off both WO and OBJ. The Snowbirds has my vote for dark horse to make it out of Division 3 with the big question mark on RRE’s lineup.

Player to watch: zanderman132

With his unconventional mid lane picks such as Taliyah and Swain, zanderman132 is bringing the hurt with high damage numbers in almost every game. Give the man Neeko and zanderman132 has proven over and over again how hard he can 1v9 with the champion.

5. Dirty Diet Reaper (2–1)

Coming in at the fifth seed, DDR was forced in an unfortunate situation in Week 1 and lost a close series in Week 2. The team then had a clean 2–0 rebound win against ZSF in week. DDR likes to draft 5v5 comps and then play through whichever carry is stronger coming out of the laning phase. Division 3 has a fierce dogfight for top four and if DDR wants in on playoffs, they need to show up big in this next block of games as their schedule turns to teams at the top of the division.

Player to watch: Isohe1

We’ve all heard someone preach that vision wins games. No one in the division buys more pinks than Isohe1 and that extra vision could be DDR’s ticket to top four. Isohe1’s deep champion pool of both tanky engage and enchanters allows the DDR support to set his team up for success.

Division 4

  1. GRIN Reapers (3–0)

The GRIN Reapers, coming in as the first seed in their group, have put on quite a show thus far. Three and zero without breaking a sweat, with star performances from all of their members. The question is less of can GRIN top their group and more if anyone can beat GRIN at their own game.

They play their own style and their reward so far has been not dropping a single game in three close rounds. This week they face the Tiltbenders, who are hot off their win against Not Greedy Corporation. Like many other divisions before them, GRIN coming in as the first seed seems to be the team to beat in their division. Thus far they’ve had nobody to challenge their dominance.

Player to watch: Guardian Wakka

Guardian Wakka provides consistency to their roster in the event anything goes wrong anywhere. Their depth in their champion pool, along with their synergy with their bottom lane partner in RSN Travis, is a testament to how well the support is doing to pull their team together and onto that first place position.

2. Collective Resistance (3–0)

The collective have picked up a powerful new ally in the former Blue Saber Wolves. In a battle for being undefeated, Collective Resistance are looking to fight for GRIN’s spot. Playing through their mid laner, Beliyaal, the team has followed their devil all the way through to an undefeated starting off.

Their flexibility in their play to follow their mid laner to victory only speaks to their strength as a team. So far they’ve faced down multiple strong teams, only time will tell if the collective have truly picked up their strongest ally, but so far it’s looking to be very good.

Player to watch: Beliyaal

Beliyaal is the cornerstone to the team, as mentioned before. They have shown proficiency on multiple champions such as Anivia and Lucian, and shown that they can be successful. on multiple different roles, from aggressive to more passive. When looking at the resistance, this devil is the one who will lead their team to victory.

3. Iron Chefs (2–1)

The chefs are the returning Rampage Open champions. While they took a loss to the Crab Wranglers last week, the reigning Open champions are still looking strong. But they’re competing in a heck of a group to come into. With strong names like GRIN and The Collective, the Iron Chefs have a lot to prove. With a singular stumble it seems as though they’re already looking to prove to their competition that there’s a reason that this team won the open series last split. With a team with plenty of synergy together, will their bonds hold?

Player to watch: Spartan Monkey

Spartan Monkey is a veteran of the team, coming from their open roster, and has proven themselves to be one of the main carries of the team. If there’s one lane that will define the match, you’re looking towards the bottom lane. When this primate gets ahead, they and King Tehol are two devastating members to run together with. If there’s somebody to watch, it’ll be watching to see how Spartan Monkey does.

4. Eat Our Damage: Crab Wranglers (2–1)

EOD’s sister team, the Crab Wranglers, struck blood this past weekend by defeating the Iron Chefs. While they had a bit of a rough start, EOD is showing that they’re here to play. While they don’t look quite as dominant as the top of the group, Division 4 is looking to be one where truly any team can make it out.

When things aren’t so clear, a teamlike the Crab Wranglers could end up topping the group. Especially when they’re already out here hunting crowns of the undefeated teams. With the Iron Chefs’ defeat already in their hands, will this be the kingslayer of the group?

Player to watch: Myopia

Myopia was a name that people were curious about where they’d end up after last season and the Risen Scouting Grounds. So far they have shown themselves to be flexible, knowing that they can play both the main carry for their team, as well as the supportive frontline, and be successful in both routes. The questions have been answered, and Myopia is not a name any of us will be forgetting any time soon.

5. Tiltbenders (2–1)

The Tiltbenders were our featured match before the break, and they showed themselves to be an extremely powerful team. While they’re off to a bit of a slow start, they are still up on their matches and have shown themselves to be powerful contender for the throne.

The theme of Rampage appears to be flexibility this season. If your team knows more than just one style, you’re already at an advantage. The other question then becomes can you learn what your opponents can do and adapt appropriately. The Tiltbenders are starting to show their stuff with a solid win this week and in weeks prior. Can they keep up their potential as a team and start to fight for the crown?

Player to watch: GandalfHasNoCake

The leader of this band of misfits and a solid player in their own right, Gandalf has been taking control from the jungle. Every game appears to be a solid display of their own prowess, either in assisting their team, or bringing the pain to every team around them.

Gandalf is looking like a true wizard, because where it looked like they had a champion pool, they revealed their magic trick as we dive into their champion ocean. With so many tricks up their sleeve, it’s a wonder until we find out exactly how deep this ocean goes.

We certainly have a lot of teams to look out for this split, and many more we didn’t even touch on. We’re excited to see if these teams can be able to match the strength that they’ve already shown, or if we’ll see a new contender come from the teams that weren’t mentioned in the article today. Be sure to look forward to our next update to the power rankings!



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